Team Academic’s Kenya Program: October Update

October 2023

We concluded the school year on October 26th 2023 with all our students in good health. Our plan is to reopen on Januaray 8th, 2024, returning to the normal academic year system. Before the closure, students in other classes began their end-term exams on October 16th, 2023, and we're pleased to report that all students performed well and have progressed to the next grade. Additionally, the KNEC exams, available for download from October 9th, 2023, were conducted seamlessly, and we uploaded our scores to KNEC by October 22nd, 2023. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the dedication of Team Academic, which has made significant strides in eliminating educational barriers for 13 vulnerable Grade 3 students. The closing date was marked by an honorable graduation ceremony on Oct 26th, celebrating 15 graduates, including 3 from Pre-Primary 2 and 13 from Grade 3. In January 2024, Pre-Primary 2 students will transition to Grade 1, while Grade 3 students will transfer to government schools.

Regarding funding, we received KSH 74,170 from Team Academic on Octoboer 3rd, 2023, which was allocated to support 50 students, each receiving KSH 1,400. A total of KSH 70,000 was credited to their accounts, helping us cover various expenses, including rent, salaries, utilities, food, exams, and WIFI. The remaining balance of KSH 4,170 was utilized for KNEC exams (KSH 3,500), with a balance of KSH 670 for other transactions. We sincerely appreciate your support in breaking down the barriers to education for vulnerable children at Immanuel Junior Academy. Among them, we have four children who are total orphans. Please convey our deep gratitude to all board members. Your support has allowed countless children to access education at IJA, especially during these challenging times when many other schools have had to close their doors due to financial constraints. We are truly thankful for your unwavering commitment to our cause.
Thank you,
Joyce Mbindyo- Program Manager.

Team Academic’s Kenya Program: September Update

September 2023

Our students and teachers are thriving, with notable improvements in Allyus' academic performance. Regarding the KNEC exams, Grade 3 students will commence their Theory Exam on Oct 9, 2023, and we've already downloaded the necessary materials. The deadline for uploading these exams is Oct 27, 2023. Other classes will have their end-term exams between Oct 18th and 25th. We've also recently enrolled four new students for the third term - one in PP1, one in PP2, and two in Grade 1. The graduation for PP2 and Grade 3 is scheduled for Oct 27th, 2023.

In terms of funding, we received KSH 72,670 from the Team Academic board on Sep 1st, 2023, which has been allocated towards various expenses, including salaries, utilities, food, exams, and WIFI. The remaining balance of KSH 2,670 was used for classroom and furniture repairs. We appreciate your invaluable support in removing barriers to education for vulnerable children at Immanuel Junior Academy, particularly during these challenging financial times when many other schools have been forced to close. We are deeply grateful for your continued commitment and faithfulness.
Thank you,
Joyce Mbindyo- Program Manager.

Team Academic’s Kenya Program: Third Quarter

August 2023

The school reopened on August 28, 2023, after a two-week holiday, with students returning in good health and a smooth start to learning. This 9-week term will conclude on October 28, 2023, and in January 2024, a regular academic year will resume following COVID-19 disruptions, including a one-month holiday. During the recent break, a needy Pre-Primary student, Allyus Odhiambo, fell ill, and his family sought financial assistance to cover the hospital bill, of which a portion was paid.

The school is currently preparing for the KNEC Theory Exam in October 2023, admitting a new Pre-Primary 2 student, and receiving funds totaling KSH. 138,895/= from Mr. Jesse for July and August 2023. These funds have been allocated to support 50 students and cover various expenses, with a remaining balance of KSH. 8,895. The school expresses its gratitude to Mr. Jesse Glasgow and the Team Academic Board of Directors for their unwavering support in removing educational barriers for vulnerable children at Immanuel Junior Academy.
Thank you,
Joyce Mbindyo- Program Manager.

Team Academic’s Kenya Program: Second Quarter Update

July 2023

The school commenced its operations on May 8, 2023, offering academic and health programs. As the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) exams draw near, practical exams for Grade 3 have been downloaded, to be followed by theory exams in October 2023. This term, the enrollment of 10 new students includes 5 from underprivileged families in Sofia, Athi River Town. The current enrollment stands at fifty students, with an additional four children transferring to another school due to their parents' relocation to a different county.

In terms of funding, the school received KSH. 264,870/= over a four-month period, which covered expenses encompassing bills, salaries, and exams. The remaining balance of KSH. 14,870/= was allocated to various educational purposes. Furthermore, 3 laptops were acquired and integrated into classes to facilitate both learning and research. Looking ahead, the school's rent payment of KSH. 157,500/= for the second installment of 2023 is scheduled for July. The school conveys gratitude for the steadfast support provided by the Team Academic Board of Directors, which contributes to the removal of barriers to education for vulnerable children.
Thank you,
Joyce Mbindyo- Program Manager.

Team Academic’s Kenya Program: Brian has graduated!!

March 2023

Team Academic has witnessed another student graduating from college! With the funds donated from our nonprofit, we are making a positive impact on these children's lives!

Team Academic’s Kenya Program: End of 2021 Academic Year

May 2022

On April 3, 2022, we celebrated the Pre-Primary 2 Graduation, a joyous event attended by parents, teachers, and children. The ceremony marked the conclusion of the 2021 Academic Year. During the holiday break, our agriculture class students, along with their teachers, will tend to their kitchen garden class projects by watering and weeding. School will resume on April 25, 2022, and the term will conclude on November 25, 2022. Over the next seven months, we aim to cover the entire academic year's curriculum, and we hope for divine guidance for both teachers and students during this challenging time. Financial difficulties are eased by the support of Team Academic Board Members, who provide for the children. Parents were heartened to learn that funds will be available this academic year, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Jesse Glasgow and the Team Academic Board of Directors.

  • Bottle printing: This was a Grade 2 Environmental class, learning how to make labels and stick them on bottles.
  • PP 1 Class Session: The teacher was teaching the behind kids after she finished with the front kids.
  • Making patterns: Grade 2 Environmental Class making patterns using manila papers for decoration.
  • Weeding and watering: Grade 3 weeding and watering kitchen garden; they planted the sukuma wiki and spinach (green vegetables). They will be weeding and watering them this holiday. They also planted the carrots, dania and onions in innovative gardens. They will be taking care of them.
  • PP 1 & 2 Taking Breakfast.
  • PP 2: Environmental Class. They colored an umbrella.
  • PP 2 Class session doing Mathematics Class Work.
  • Grade 2 class doing English Activities class work.
  • A cultural dance in preparation for graduation day.
  • Grandaunts matching to graduation ceremony
  • Graduation ceremony.
  • Graduation Cake Year 2021.
  • Grandaunts ready to cut the cake.
  • Graduation day was the end of 2021 Academic Year. In April we will begin our new academic year.

Team Academic’s Kenya Program December Update

December 2021

Kids did the practical exams in this month of December 2021. We are waiting for scores. I allocated money to the learners in the following areas: School fees, meals, stationary, exams, face masks, soap and assessment materials. Photos includes:

  • Grade3: Art and Craft class Task- Learners making a toy balls using locally available materials in the environment.
  • GRADE 3: Learners writing end term exam.
  • Grade 3: Learners ready to recite a poem they composed as per KNEC Exam.
  • Christian Religious Education: Leaners role played the birth of Christ- the first picture the angel announcing the birth of Christ and the second one Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and wise men who came to worship Jesus.
  • Agriculture Class: Food Production- Learners have prepared the kitchen garden and set the nursery bed. They transplanted the seedlings and they are watering using the locally available materials, holed bottles. This project will continue until they harvest in January 2022.
  • Music Class: Learner dancing a folk song. This is to help learners preserve their culture.
  • Hygiene and Nutrition Class: Learners prepared, cooked and displayed 3 different types of foods – Energy Giving foods, Body building foods and Protective foods. They wore aprons which we made from local available materials.
  • Environmental Class- Learners tasks were to clean the environment – they cleaned outside the school. They put a poster NO Dumbing. They improvised wheelbarrow, dust pan, dust bin brooms, dust court, gloves, gum boots and caps. At the end they banned the rubbish. They burned the rubbish at the same place we cleaned on27/12 /2019. When you visited Immanuel Junior Academy.
  • Cultural Day. Our cultural day was on 17/11/2021. We invited their parents to come to enjoy their children work. Learners displayed their works on the walls of the class room. Parents were very happy and excited.

Team Academic’s Kenya Program November Update

November 2021

November month funds used to buy exercise books, pencils, rulers, crayons, pens, paint, brushes, plain ream papers, assessment aaterials and equipment. Photos include:

  • Grade2, Mathematics Activity Class- learners doing a role play of customers, buying from the shop they had set in class. One of them is the shopkeeper.
  • Pre- Primary (PP) 1&2 ART and Craft Class. They are coloring the Cross of Christ. Learners in their new school uniforms. They joined Immanuel Junior Academy in January 2020 and to-date they did not have uniform.
  • Grade 3. Hygiene and Nutrition Activity- Learners in class learning how to cook root tubers foods in preparation the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) Practicals in December 2021.
  • Grade 3. Hygiene and Nutrition class- Learners in class learning how to make chapat and ugali these are body building foods, they also prepare beans and eggs, thesefoods are energy giving foods. They were doing this in preparation for KNEC Exams (Practical) in December 2021.
  • Grade 3. Picking sukuma and spinach (greens) in the School kitchen garden to prepare protective foods. The kitchen garden was planted first by Mr. Jesse on 27/7/2019. He planted sukuma and spinach.
  • Grade 1& 2 Making toys using locally available materials.
  • Grade 3: Science and Technology: A Beam Balance they made.
  • Grade 3: Science and Technology. Setting a nursery bed for sukuma and spinach.
  • Grade 3: Art and Craft. Leave printing to make a pattern.
  • Grade 2: Art and Craft. Leave printing.

Team Academic’s Kenya Program October Update

October 2021

Kenya program manager Joyce Mbindyo used the October 2021 funds towards money to the kids in the following areas: School fees, meals, textbooks, stationary, exams, school uniform, face masks and soap. 31 kids fees and meals were covered using this funds. Photos below are:

  • Grade 1 –Modeling No.1-10 - Art and Craft Activities
  • Text Books- PP2, Grade2 and 3.
  • Grade 2- Art and craft Activities
  • PP2.-Coloring the Cross- Art and Craft Activities.
  • Boiling Root Tuber food - Science and Technology Activities.
  • Grade 1, 2 $ 3 Outdoor Activities.
  • Grade 1, 2 and 3 – Outdoor Activities.
  • Drawing and coloring hand palm.

Team Academic’s Kenya Program September Update

September 2021

Kenya program manager Joyce Mbindyo used the September 2021 funds towards school fees and meals for 31 kids plus purhcased school uniforms for 5 more kids. Photos below are:

  • Kids in their new school unforms.
  • Second grade art and crafts
  • Grade first to third outdoor activites and textbooks

Team Academic’s Kenya Program August Update

August 2021

Kenya program manager Joyce Mbindyo used the 2021 funds towards school fees, meals and uniform for 27 kids. She also purchased the following items:

  • Textbooks for pre-primary and primary classes.
  • Stationaries like pencils, rulers, crayons, pens and erasers. Also face masks!
  • Materials for exams: Kids are required to take three exams in a term. Photo below showing kids taking their exam.

Team Academic's contribution in Nepal during COVID-19 pandemic.

January 2021

During this pandemic, Team Academic have continued its support to remove the barriers to education for children’s in different parts of Nepal.

  • Team Academic Nepal’s program manager Hem Raj met with Okhledanda Bhumdikot school principle and management committee president and gave them the check for the annual grant of $1,500.
  • Half of the grant was given to the teacher Sita Adhikari’s salary.
  • School supplies including uniforms, pencils, pens, notebooks and school bags were distributed to seven kids Narayan Poudel, Sarina Adhikari, Arun Adhikari, Ashika Acharya, Anuj Acharya, Sande Tamang and Pooja Khatri.

Team Academic Kenya Program - Facing COVID19

September 2020

When Covid19 Pandemic hit the world in the beginning of this year, it threw everyone and everything into a disarray. Kenya announced school closure on March 15th and a total country lockdown ensued after that. The Team Academic Board of Directors were concerned about the welfare of our students at Immanuel Junior Academy. They were in constant communication with the Program Director and were able to establish different ways to continue supporting the different needs that were arising.

Covid19 Funding was sent out and the money was used to:

  • Put together about 100 Care packages for the kids, items included face masks, sanitizers, hand soaps and food for the kids.
  • Teachers 3 months salaries.
  • Buildings’ night guard salaries.
  • Ground’s maintenance salaries.
  • Transport funds – for welfare home visits to the student’s homes.
  • Bought a 10,000 liters Water Storage Tank to supply clean water to the school. It is also in preparation for School reopening as it is a requirement for a school to have running water for hand washing due to Covid19.
  • Constructed 5 toilets which will greatly improve the school’s sanitation.
  • Have continued to fund Brian’s online university learning.

Team Academic’s first college graduate: Sharon Mwende Kitavi graduates with a Degree of Bachelor of Actuarial Science from Kisii University!

January 2020

Sharon Mwende was among the first recipients of the Jefferson Clay Hulsey Memorial Scholarship, awarded by Team Academic. This scholarship paid for tuition, books, housing, transportation and all other college related fees for the last two years of Sharon’s college. Sharon graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Actuarial Science from Kisii University (Kenya) in December 2019. She is currently looking for a job/Internship so she can acquire experience in her field of study and help her family financially. She was an exceptionally bright student all through her schooling. She averaged an A letter grade in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), even though she had spent a lot of time in and out of the school due to lack of school fees.
Sharon’s Mother is a single parent to two children; Sharon and her younger brother Brian. Their father has never been in their life and his whereabouts is unknown. Their mother is unemployed as she struggles with mental illness cause by depression, she is usually in and out of Mathare Mental Hospital. The family lives in a slum in Athi River town, which is in the outskirts of the Kenyan capital city Nairobi.
Sharon and Brian are Alumni of Immanuel Junior Academy (also a Team Academic sponsored program) which helped them through elementary school. For their high school, their family and friends supported them through fundraising. When it came to their University education, they were hoping to get college loans from the government, but they were denied since their mother had outstanding college loans that were not paid. Sharon struggled through the university until Team Academic came to her rescue in January 2019.
Sharon and Brian are the first recipients of the Jefferson Clay Hulsey Memorial Scholarship, awarded by Team Academic. Mr. Hulsey passed in 2018, and the Team Academic community came together to make donations for this scholarship in his honor. He lived a full life of 79 years. Mr. Hulsey was only able to attend school until the 9th grade because he had to work to provide for his 9 siblings. His parents died when he was younger. He would be proud to know that this fund is helped Sharon complete her college degree and is helping Brian make progress toward his goal.

Sharon’s Note after Graduation

Thanks for the financial support that you have been giving me, it really played a crucial role in my university life. I have finished my clearance graduated on 20th December 2019. My journey through university has been great. I learnt many things that will help me all through my life. First, I learnt how to be independent, that is how to make my own decisions without other people influencing me. I also gained a lot of academic knowledge in the Actuarial field and I am very excited to go into the career field and put into practice what I have learnt. My journey through university was not a smooth one, it had some challenges. I was admitted to the university late due to financial problems, for the first and second year, I used to report late due to financial constraints. Thank you Team Academic for making my latter life in university comfortable and enjoyable. I would like to further my academic and pursue a Master’s in Actuarial Science. I would like also to learn some data analysis software which will enable me to be relevant in the current job market.
Forever Thankful
Sharon Mwende Kitavi

Team Academic Visits Kenya

December 2019

On December 27, 2019 Team Academic had the opportunity to visit with one of the schools we support in the slum of Athi River, Kenya– Immanuel Junior Academy(IJA). Here are some notes from our visit. My family and I brought 3 huge suitcase of supplies, from the US, thanks to the generous Team Academic donors. These supplies included 2 new laptop computers, a printer/scanner, books, pencils, new clothes, soccer balls, etc. After an interesting 45 minutes trying to find the school in Athi River slum (they don’t use addresses) we finally found it. Ms. Joyce, Team Academic Kenya Program Manager and IJA director, greeted us at the school. IJA had delayed graduation ceremony until our visit so all the kids and some parents were there…even though there were officially out for the holidays. There were about 40 students represented from ages preschool to 3rd grade.

Thanks to the Team Academic donors, we were able to pay for rent on a new school facility for the entire 2020 year. This allowed the school to be moved from a facility with no electricity or bathrooms. The new facility, while modest, does have these amenities. We performed a ribbon cutting ceremony and officially opened the new school. They even installed a sign that said we opened it. (I would have preferred the sign to reference Team Academic instead of me personally – since it is a team effort - but I was honored nevertheless.

We participated in various ceremonies including planting a tree, feeding the students and finally the graduation ceremony. They actually provided me with a cap and gown and I was honored to hand out diplomas to the students who completed grades.

We were also joined by Stephen Osero who is an intern with Team Academic. Stephen is from Kenya and is currently attending graduate school at the University of North Alabama. Stephen worked with local internet service providers and got the internet set up for IJA. So in just a few weeks the school has gone from having no electricity to now having internet! We are now in the light ages!

Thanks to all the Team Academic donors for the support that we were able to provide to IJA. There is still a lot to be done, but we are improving the quality of life by removing barriers to education for these students!

Team Academic visits Nepal

April 2019

The Spring of 2019 was the second consecutive year Team Academic volunteers have visited Nepal to meet our students and learn about their needs. This year Team Academics founder brought two Team Academic Communication Interns along to help on the trip – Tucker Glasgow and Bobby Theberge. The group was guided by Hem Bastola - the Team Academic program manager for Nepal. The group trekked through miles of trails over a week sleeping in tea houses. They met with many students, teachers and administrators to learn about challenges and deliver funds and materials. The people of Nepal warmly welcomed Team Academic into their homes and schools. It was a great trip for all involved.

Team Academic was welcomed into the home of some of our students. Team Academic volunteers were able to participate in Holi Festival. During this colorful festival, Nepalese and foreign tourists will throw each other with dry powder and colored water to express their sincere blessings and good wishes.

Team Academic Visits Kenya

January 2019

In the Winter of 2019 Team Academic Board member Emily Kimani met with the Team Academic Kenya Program Manger Ms. Joyce. Emily was able to deliver much needed funds for the 2019 school year and learn about challenges.

Example Scholarship Candidate

November 2018

Even though we just got started we have identified our first scholarship candidate. Her name is Puja Khatri and she lives in a village called Beni in Nepal. Hem, our local program manager, learned about her because the local press shared a letter that she wrote to the school, this past August, which describes why she cannot attend school due to family and financial reasons. You can read the letter at the this link

This letter pulled at Hem's heart strings and, on behalf of Team Academic, he took a 4-hour public bus and walked 45 minutes to her village to meet with Puja and visit her home. He met her grandfather and school master. He gave her school supplies (pictured at right) and we plan to offer more formal support by the time the next school year starts in April, 2019. Fortunately, her local community came together and supported her for this school year after this letter was published.

This is but one example of children we plan to support with this organization.