To improve quality of life by removing barriers to education for children in developing countries.


Increasing access to education can improve the physical, environmental and economic health of a community which can contribute to a higher quality of life.


Team Academic has local program managers in areas where we support students. Students’ progress is monitored and on-going support is made available. The goal is to help students complete high school education and not just a year or so. As a smaller organization, Team Academic is focused on quality over quantity. Therefore Team Academic is focused on fully supporting a limited number of scholarship recipients throughout their entire high school education as needed.

Nepal Program

Hem Raj Bastola is the Team Academic Program Manager for Nepal. In this role he is responsible for identifying scholarship candidates, selecting scholarship recipients (in conjunction with the Board) monitoring and reporting progress of scholarship recipients. In addition to overseeing academic programs, Hem also serves as a local guide for geographic expeditions.

An inhabitant of Pumdi Bhumdi Village in Nepal, Hem completed his Bachelor's degree in Humanities and Social Sciences. He loves nature, trekking and has a special interest in poetry and music. His wanderlust pushes him to nature which in turn inspires the poet inside him. He has worked as cave guide, guest service agent, tour and trekking guide and has been a customer service presentative for 10 months in Dubai. Hem is also a subsistence farmer and father.

Team Academic funds students in primary and secondary school by paying school fees, providing uniforms, books, and school materials. Team Academic also provides grants to schools to help with a variety of expenses.

Team Academic subsides teacher’s salaries in Nepal to remove barriers to education.

Kenya Program

Ms. Joyce Mbindyo is the Kenya Program Manager for Team Academic. Ms. Joyce is an inhabitant of Athi River which is just outside of Nairobi in Kenya. Ms. Joyce retired from Daystar University in 2003 where she had worked in various capacities including the Office of Procurement. Ms. Joyce believed she could use her retirement benefits to improve the educational experience of vulnerable children in their formative years, even though she did not have children of her own. Convinced that a positive experience in the early years enhance future performance in school; Ms. Joyce set out to use her personal resources to make a difference in kids’ lives no matter how small. She founded Immanuel Junior Academy and leads it to this day.
Joyce is the Team Academic Program Manager for Kenya. In this role she is responsible for identifying scholarship candidates, selecting scholarship recipients (in conjunction with the Board) monitoring and reporting progress of scholarship recipients.

Students at Immanuel Junior Academy. Team Academic helps with fees, uniforms, and meals for these students in Athi River Kenya.

College Scholarships: In the past year Team Academic has removed multiple barriers to college education for two students in Kenya. Barriers included tuition, fees, books, transportation, housing, meals, technology, and others. As a result one student has graduated with a degree in Actuarial Science. Another student is working on his degree in Computer Science.

These students are recipients of the Jefferson Clay Hulsey Memorial Scholarship, awarded by Team Academic. Mr. Hulsey passed in 2018, and his community came together to make donations for this scholarship in his honor. He lived a full life of 79 years. Mr. Hulsey was only able to attend school until the 9th grade because he had to work to provide for his 9 siblings. His parents died when he was younger. His family said he would be proud to know that this fund is improving quality of life though education.